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Managing the International Reputation of Your Football Club

Supporter’s relationships with their favourite football clubs has changed and become much more complicated than ever before. Today, your club must be ready to generate content for supporters all over the world. Your followers in different cultures perceive your brand in different ways.

At Samba Digital we focus on taking care of the international reputation of your football club. We do this by understanding your goals and needs but also understanding your followers from each country.

We also create strong content strategies to deliver the best quality content locally. These are made relevant to the subjects and personalities that your supporters knows and love. Keep reading for some things to think about when choosing a PR agency to help manage your international reputation.

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Things to Consider When choosing your Football PR Agency

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Now we see more and more clubs are internationalizing their brands, capitalizing on the popularity of the sport. Today, your club can have supporters thousands of miles away from your country, mainly due to social media platforms and international broadcasting channels.

To be sure your club is present on social media and in journals around the world, the best way is to hire a PR agency. An important part of a football clubs‘ popularity is a loyal fanbase and the special bond that fans share with athletes and teams. More and more football clubs are seeking to maximize their revenue generation.

More and more football clubs are seeking to maximize their revenue generation. Therefore, if you are planning to grow your business and keep up with other football clubs in the market, choose Samba Digital. We have picked up a few things that you must consider before picking a PR Agency.

  • Skills of Their Team

Understanding the potential of the team of that PR Agency is a key factor for your football club. It will determine how well they will perform to help you grow.

  • Size of Network

To advertise and promote your football club, a PR agency must have a considerable network size to connect with more people in less time.

  • Client Portfolio

Make sure that the PR Agency you choose has a good reputation and honestly mentions their works, services, and achievements in their portfolio.

  • Capacity To Handle International Reputation

A PR Agency must be an expert in maintaining brand reputation locally and also internationally.