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Productions from River Plate and Argentinean and Mexican Federations are the winners of the Samba Awards 2022

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The 2022 edition of the Samba Awards, a prize that Samba Digital agency promotes annually to highlight the best digital productions in the sports industry in Latin America has already rewarded its winners.

Watch the announcement video of the winners of the 2022 edition of the Samba Awards.

In the Audiovisual category, the Argentine Football Federation (AFA) was the winner by producing a piece honouring Kun Aguero, forced to leave football due to heart problems.

In the Engagement category, River Plate scored the most points. The Argentinean club with the best digital performances throughout 2021, River Plate produced a campaign that aims at the fan’s feelings, called “Seu Momento de Ser Sócio”.

In the Social Action category, the winner was the Mexican Football Federation, with the story of Maribel Dominguez, the player with the most goals scored in the history of Mexico Women’s National Team. To get there, Maribel had to hide that she was a woman even from her friends, so she could play football in the region where she lived.

The jury was formed by 40 members of the sports industry, ranging from representatives of the main national football federations to officers from English, French, Italian, German and Spanish clubs. Besides them, representatives from the most used social networks today, such as TikTok, Youtube, Twitter and Meta, also made up the jury Samba Awards 2022 edition. Finally, renowned sports journalists, members of the sports industry, as well as digital influencers, completed the 40 names selected.

Frédéric Fausser, CEO of Samba Digital, highlights the importance of the award: “In addition to encouraging the market to produce more and better, Samba Awards is unique in bringing together Latin American markets and professionals from the main European brands. It is the first step towards great alliances and discoveries of brilliant works being developed that could go unnoticed by the other continent”, said Fréderic.



Despite the Argentinean and Mexican victories, the Brazilian campaigns performed well and were runners-up in all three categories.

In the Audiovisual category, Flamengo, with a product developed alongside rapper Marcelo D2, reached second place with a rap that praised the new rubro-negro kit.

In the Engagement category, Fortaleza was the Brazilian club that came closest to winning. With a campaign called “Dia dos NAMORados”, Leão sent the famous “love mail” car to some fans on June 12, when Brazilians celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Finally, in the Social Action category, Ceará, Fortaleza’s rival, was also in the 2nd position. With the “Um Minuto de Aplausos” campaign, the Alvinegro exchanged the famous “one minute of silence” for applauses, to honour the doctors and nurses so demanded during the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

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